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Armourco Group, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, has its own Dog Section headed up by our Operations Director, David Hollis, offering professional Guard Dog Security services throughout the UK, including the local areas of Birmingham and Coventry. David Hollis is a former RAF Police Instructor and currently a Trainer Accredited by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) in General Purpose and Detection Dog Handling. Armourco Group offers both Guard Dog and Detection Dog Services.

Guard Dogs

When you’ve a high-risk site or high-value property to protect, or some large isolated premises to guard you might want to consider utilising one of our exceptional General Purpose Security Patrol Dog Teams.


Our highly trained (in line with British Standards 7499 & 8517), SIA Licenced, qualified patrol dog teams provide an excellent visual deterrent to would-be criminals and vandals – making them think twice about entering your property.


In the event an intrusion onto your property occurs, our teams are trained to carry out searches of outside areas and inside buildings enabling them to locate any intruders. By using the dogs' superior sense of smell and hearing the dogs are trained to detect any person who might be hiding on your site and alert the handler, the dog handler can then challenge that person in safety.


From being alert and suspicious when dealing with a trespasser or more vocal and aggressive sounding when the handler is threatened to protecting the handler should he be attacked. Should an incident occur our dog teams are trained to challenge and effectively deal with any intruders. Our dogs are always under the control of their handlers and are capable of dealing with all manner of situations.

As a general rule, our Security Officers will not attempt to arrest or detain any intruders on your property unless it is practical and lawful to do so. Our handler will write up an incident report so you are fully aware of what has happened, and notify the police if required. Our teams operate in line with the Guard Dogs Act 1975 which allows us to use dogs to guard your property provided that the dog is under control and that appropriate warning signs are up at site entrances. All our guard dogs are trained to a high standard and are routinely assessed to ensure that these standards are maintained and they are safe and effective to be deployed operationally.

To discuss the prospect of protecting your site with our Security Patrol Dogs, please call us on 0845 8620506 or email us. Our dogs teams are available 365 - 24/7 and can work alone or be deployed as an addition to enhance an existing security provision.

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