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  • Drug Detection Dogs.
  • Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs.
  • Explosive Detection Dogs.
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Complementing our Guard Dog Teams, Armourco Group, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, provide specialist Detection Dogs throughout the UK, focusing on areas including Birmingham and Coventry. Again our search teams are all SIA-licensed professionals, working alongside your staff or independently to ensure that no unauthorised or illegal items gain entry you’re your property or into your event.

Our teams are trained to detect and then take the appropriate actions upon finding the target substances such as illegal drugs, pyrotechnics or explosive devices.

Pyrotechnic detection Dogs

Our pyrotechnic detection dogs are often used at football stadiums and have proved very effective in keeping the grounds and fans safe.

Explosive detection dogs

At your request, we can also provide explosive detection dog teams to supplement your security provision. Properly trained teams can quickly and effectively search large areas or vehicles entering your site. They are also very effective when used to check bags or suspicious packages.

Drugs Detection Dogs

Our specially trained dog teams can screen customers entering your event with minimum fuss and in a timely manner. They can carry out thorough searches of people as they enter, be it at festival, night club or other venue and detect many types of controlled drugs. The dogs can also be used to search the venue to identify if any illegal drugs have been hidden or stored on the premises. Our dogs are also being utilised to help keep places of education safe schools, colleges and universities from the ever-present threat posed by controlled and banned substances.

Our teams have been used with great success in secure Mental Health units helping to ensure that the service user of these facilities are unable to gain access to prohibited items such as illegal drugs, mobile phones, lighters and flammable liquids. By using our teams, it is not an admission of a problem, more a proactive approach to health and safety and demonstrating a zero tolerance and providing an effective deterrent to those who may try to bring such items on your premises.


Armourco Group supplies detection dogs for all kinds of clients for all manner of reasons. Typically, our dogs are used to hunt out drugs, explosives and weapons. However because we do our training in-house, we can teach our dogs to find any specific items you’re concerned about. If it has an odour we can train a dog to find it and we have provided dogs for clients in the past to locate all manner of things from bed bugs and bumble bee nest to money and tobacco.

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